How Often You Should See A Therapist

In a world full of packed schedules, it is hard to figure out where the heck we could possibly squeeze in seeing a therapist. Trust me, I get it! With two small kids, a husband, a thriving private practice among other things, finding 5 minutes a week is hard, let alone an hour! Regardless of how busy we are though, when push comes to shove, commitment to change and personal growth, ie seeing a therapist, means doing whatever it takes. 

Many therapists recommend weekly therapy at the beginning of treatment and some recommend it throughout the treatment process. The question of why was recently posed by Australian psychotherapist, Jodie Gale. She used responses from therapists around the world, including me, to formulate an article for National Psychotherapy Day

My answer is below: 

“I recommend that clients come weekly at the beginning of treatment for a few different reasons:

Relationship: To me, relationship is the most important piece of meaningful and effective therapy and it is hard to achieve a good and trusting relationship when only being seen biweekly or monthly at the very start. I like to develop rapport and relationship first and then as treatment needs change, decrease the frequency as appropriate.

Going along with relationship, weekly sessions help me to get an idea of who the client is and what their goals and motivations are. Doing this helps me to guide the direction of treatment so that we can have the most productive work.

Consistency: As with any major change in life, consistency is key. When there are large gaps between sessions, it’s easy to lose sight of the goal and slack on the work that needs to be done. Being held accountable weekly, helps clients to achieve their goals in a quicker, more effective manner.”

Jennifer Brady, LCPC
Article: Why Counsellors and Psychotherapists Recommend Weekly Therapy

Obviously, with schedules (mine included) sometimes it is hard to get a client scheduled weekly. I always try to work with a client to accommodate what works for both of us. This isn’t to say I haven’t had clients start biweekly from the beginning and still thrive, I have. There is no one size fits all when it comes to therapy. My main goal, regardless of frequency of sessions, is to develop a good, honest and trusting relationship with my clients. 

Make sure to hop over to Jodie’s page and check out what other therapists from all over the world had to say about this topic! 

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Jodie Gale for putting this piece together and thanks to the other therapists around the world that also contributed.


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