Holiday Tips


Don’t just give presents-be present

It is easy to be overwhelmed with running here, there and everywhere, shopping, wrapping, giving, cooking, entertaining etc.┬áRemember to be present where you are. Take a few moments to take it all in. When you’re feeling overwhelmed (or annoyed) sneak to the bathroom and take a few deep breaths and ground yourself.

attitude of gratitude

I know it sounds super cliche, but when all is said and done, look around and be grateful. Even if the holidays aren’t what you expected, or you’re missing someone you love or you’re grieving the loss of someone, give thanks anyway. It truly can change your life just take a minute to be grateful for what you have.┬áBe grateful for all that is and hopeful for what will be.

give generously

The holidays are stressful and it is easy to go overboard financially and with “stuff”. Take inventory and give/donate where you can. If your kids have stuff they don’t use or don’t need (and I know they do), find a place to donate it to those in need. If you have a couple extra dollars left over, consider donating to a charity or buying a meal for someone in need. Giving doesn’t have to be monetary either. Smile at a stranger. Hold a door for someone. Let a car merge when you really want to speed up. Say hello to the the driver delivering your last minute items on Christmas Eve. Thank the cashier that is missing time with their family so you can give to yours.

take care of yourself

While you’re being kind and generous to others-don’t forget about yourself! Taking care of yourself can make all the difference in taking care of others. Feed your soul. Do what makes you feel good, too.

new year

Think about your goals for 2018. I’m not talking about resolutions here. I’m talking about what are you GOING to do? What do you want to accomplish? What will you change this year? What will you do different to make sure that your life improves in 2018? No matter how good your life it, there’s always room for improvement. Sit down and think about it and then MAKE A PLAN! Resolutions are never completed, because we go into them without a plan. You know the saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail”. No truer words.

Keep these tips in mind this week as you go through the holidays and start a new year.

merry christmas and happy new year!



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